I’m 37. For the last 25 years, I have struggled with both my physical weight and ideas surrounding what a healthy weight (for me) was. It became an exhausting obsession, leading to crippling eating disorders and body dysmorphia.

I was an emotional wreck when I found Gina; willing to try just about anything so as not to have every thought or action governed by food or weight.

Gina was incredible! From our very first telephone conversation, she put me at ease and I felt as though our initial chats (before I had even made an appointment) where almost like mini therapy sessions.

The RTT left me stunned. I recalled moments that I had completely forgotten, some of which brought me to floods of tears. Gina assured me that crying was part of the healing process. I felt lighter and utterly relaxed immediately afterwards but didn’t notice any real changes until some weeks later. “My awakening” came in the most incredible way. I am free, at last! Living the life I have always dreamed of.

Gina asked me at the beginning of my adventure, “How would you want to feel at the end of our RTT session?” With an incredible amount hope in my heart, I emailed her every desire I had ever dared wish for in regards to my health and mindset. Every single one of them has come true!

Any negative thoughts around my weight or food are ones that I can banish with words from my personal recording.
Ava, Harrow

Since early childhood, I had always suffered from eczema and later on developed allergies to food and animals that I had once not been allergic to, after going to a reiki session with Gina I decided to try RTT as the next step in my healing journey. I have experienced nothing but goodness from this session and from Gina. I found out root cause of my past allergies and eczema – coming from childhood trauma. After listening to the recording that Gina produced for me, 21 days later I am eczema free and have not had a severe reaction and will not have one ever again because I now know that I caused myself to have these problems. The RTT has not only changed those physical symptoms but it has also built my confidence and self value and worth. I’m so grateful for Gina and her work and will recommend her to everyone, whether you have a known physical problem or just want to experience the healing and life changing benefits that the session has to offer. Thank you Gina!
Maya, Harrow

We have been trying for a second child for over 4 years, when I approached Gina to help. I have been attending Gina’s reiki shares for a few years, but never really considered RTT, specially for something like fertility.
Once we discounted any physical issues, I had started to sense, my blocks were perhaps more mental / energy blocks. The RTT session was really helpful in addressing these as some of my energy blocks went back to my childhood.
Gina was very patient and caring, and above all knew what she was doing!
I fell pregnant a month after I finished 21 day hypnosis and Gina kept on checking up on me throughout the 21 days and we also had a follow up session once I conceived.
Now we have a beautiful son, 2 months old!
Thank you Gina!
Viji, Harrow

RTT Session, February 2019 – After months of following Marisa Peer on YouTube and learning about this particular therapy, I was very keen to explore this further as, whilst I felt I had been able to work through a certain amount of childhood wounds by myself, I couldn’t understand why I continued to be involved in emotionally unfulfilling relationships, be it with family members, friends or romantic partners. Ever since I could remember, I always felt overwhelmingly ‘short-changed’ and I not only put up with an unhealthy balance of give and take – I actually thought that this was totally acceptable and believed this was ‘my lot’ in life, yet felt miserable about this prospect and would turn to comfort eating to self soothe. This clearly was a vicious cycle because the more I comfort ate, the less I liked myself and the more I felt I wasn’t worthy, so the more I ate and so on. I was really tired of being stuck in this cycle and I knew it had to stop and that began with a phone call to Gina.

Whilst I felt slightly skeptical as I had never experienced hypnosis before, my determination to make a change in my life was that much stronger. Gina put me completely at my ease upon my arrival, talked me through how the session would go and answered any questions I had. Well I haven’t looked back since – I feel like a brand new woman! I left Gina’s and the session feeling like I was walking on air, ‘where have I been all my life?’ I was asking myself on the drive home. The sense of freedom I felt from releasing outdated beliefs about myself was so overwhelmingly liberating I felt as light as a feather. On that note, I should add that 14 days into listening to my post therapy audio, I was amazed when I jumped on the scales to see that I had already shed 6lbs! Through Gina’s invaluable guidance and support, I rapidly changed my eating habits and implemented a consistent exercise regime that works for me. I have way more confidence in myself, in my abilities and in what I have to offer and there will be no short-changing me in the future!

RTT does what it says on the tin – it rapidly changes what YOU think and feel about YOURSELF so that YOU can change your life in a way you probably almost gave up thinking was even possible. It’s just over a month now since my session and I have been so inspired by my experience and awesome session with Gina, that I have signed up to Marisa Peer’s RTT training and look forward to qualifying as a therapist myself in the near future.
Maurizia, Wiltshire

I had a RTT session with Gina in Dec 2018 just before the New Year celebrations kicked off. I went to see Gina because I felt I needed help with moving forward and building more confidence in myself and increasing my self worth. I wanted to live life fearlessly and ferociously and I wanted to feel more empowered to speak my truth easily and effortlessly. The session with Gina was invaluable. She helped me unearth a huge realisation about my beliefs I was carrying since childhood – Why I felt I didn’t belong here, why I put everyone’s needs before my own and why I felt insignificant. Gina’s technique and approach was thorough and it helped to get to the root cause of my issue swiftly. She guided me and provided me with the effective tools and support which helped me move forward with my life. I felt more empowered and more confident within a few days of the session. I listened to the recordings daily (morning and night) and I am continuing to listen to the recordings because I find the words and her voice very inspiring and healing. They help me to stay focused on my number 1 priority – me! I feel so much happier with my life and feel that my life has transformed in a big way since I met Gina. I feel stronger, I am more empowered and I am free from the past. I have become more aware of my thoughts and I feel more confident everyday. Gina helped me realise that I was holding on to limited beliefs which were holding me back. She showed me the path of how to overcome these and feel more content with my life and feel like I am enough and that was born to thrive not just survive! Thank you Gina for all that you have done for me and all that you continue to do for others!
Tina, Essex

Over the last couple of years I had developed a fear of flying. This was causing me problems as I fly around 10-20 times a per year. I had one session with Gina and listened to her recording daily, during my subsequent flight I remained calm and relaxed, during take off and landing I listened to her recording. I have put her tactics and strategies in place, so every time I see a plane I tell myself how much I love flying. I am genuinely looking forward to my next flight! I feel reassured to know her recording is ready for me to listen to at any time. Thank you Gina for taking this fear away.
Lucy, Hatchend

I recently had a RTT session with Gina and the change in my life has been seismic. I went to see Gina to help clear some past childhood trauma and she quickly got to the root of my problem – I lacked confidence and never felt like I was enough. Gina was very thorough in our session and the healing she did was amazing. After our session, I began to see changes over the 21 days that I listened to my recording and I saw my life completely transform. I had the confidence to finally pursue my dreams and I felt great. Thanks to Gina, I’ve completely changed careers and am now living the life I’ve always wanted. I can’t recommend her enough!

Amber, London

I used RTT to help me channel positive thoughts so that I could pass my exams. I felt somewhere in the back of my mind I was telling myself the exams are too hard and I wouldn’t be able to pass them but I did desperately want to pass. Gina helped me so much, I listened to the recording every day which assisted me to stay calm and focused and whenever I had a negative thought Gina told me to think of an upbeat song to immediately remove it. One week before my exams I also went for a Reiki session which made me feel lighter and energised to progress on with all I had.

Gina is very welcoming and caring which made it very easy to open up to her. Gina continuously stayed connected with me, making sure I was ok and if I needed anything else (she was amazing). I really cannot thank her enough for guiding me to pass my exams. She has a gift that I truly respect. Thank You Gina x

SJ, Harrow

I have recently had a Hypnotheraphy session with Gina and I cannot express how much she has changed my life.
Prior to visiting Gina, I suffered for a number of years with severe emetophobia (fear of sickness). At best, it was a couple of times a week. At worst, it was every day and it started to take over my life.
I have suffered from other illnesses over the years, including chest infections and IBS, and this fear has stopped me even taking medication due to side affects being nausea etc.
I have visited the doctor and whilst they provided me with CBT to overcome the issue, it did not even slightly resolve it and I continued to experience this problem.
This was affecting me in every way, from my relationship with food to relationships with other people.
I was convinced that there was no medical issue so decided to pursue other options, which is when I discovered that hypnotherapy may be an answer. Gina was originally recommended to me through an aunt who spoke highly of her ability to help through her own experience. I was very hesitant in doing this and very sceptical but was willing to consider any option that could help. I am so glad that I did choose hypnotherapy and specifically, Gina.
After one meeting, what a difference!! Gina was generally very likeable and put me at ease straight away.
The whole experience, regardless of the result, has been a complete pleasure to be a part of. However, the result achieved is nothing short of amazing and I have already recommended Gina to many people. I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone considering hypnotherapy as a course of action.
I used to panic at the word “vomit” but the fact that I am typing it now even shocks me! This fear is no longer something that dominates my entire life. If I do feel a panic attack starting, I utilise the techniques that Gina has shown me and it works instantly.
I sincerely thank Gina for helping me implement positive change and should I require hypnotherapy assistance again in the future, there is only one person I will be seeing!
Jas, London

I was happy to have found Gina who had trained with best selling author Marisa Peer. I genuinely wanted to change my limiting thoughts and beliefs in a particular area of my life, which was causing me deep pain. From the moment I spoke to Gina we had a really good rapport, which is important. She has a huge amount of empathy and really cares about people. She also understands how my mind can work against me. I was in emotional pain to do with my past. I wanted to let go, had tried lots over the years, but nothing had worked. I did the RTT with Gina and through hypnotherapy I found the events that created my limiting thoughts and pain and then replaced with healing thoughts. It was that simple. I was surprised/shocked that emotions which had held me back for decades of my precious life could be solved that quickly. I have never gone back to any of those thoughts, which just vanished and it’s now 3 months on! I feel good in just being me. Gina is brilliant in this therapy and I have already recommended two friends. Gina, my deep thanks.
Prita, London

I went to Gina because I required more business opportunities. I felt something was holding me back from making my business a success. After one session with Gina the opportunities came, and they continue to come. Gina cleared what was blocking me and showed real insight into my ‘stuckness’. I felt more connected to me, which enabled me to make the right decisions for my business, despite the pull on my attention. I left feeling calm, relaxed and positive for the future. In addition she offered support when I had questions. I highly recommend her services.
Claire, London

My journey to Reiki began when I experienced a relationship breakdown with my partner and at the same time felt that I was being drained by family members. I felt like I was always the one giving, never receiving no matter how low I was. I got to the point where I felt something needed to be done or happen. I felt trapped and drained, no matter how much talking with friend or anyone that would listen I did. I was restricted and suffocated, this feeling made me turn to a clairvoyant recommended by my aunt. I was not comfortable with my reading. I searched the internet and found a psychic medium. She gave me a reading of my energy field but I still felt like I was at a crossroads not knowing which way to go. Should I go left, right or straight ahead? I just could not move. I was given a card for a Reiki treatment, I researched what Reiki was and decided I should give it a try. I was desperate to feel free. I received 3 Reiki treatments with Gina and felt the release of negative energy within weeks. I began to feel free and bubbly. Work colleagues, family and friends would say ‘you seem different, have you had something done’. Every day I could see people’s face expressions recognising the difference. Personally, I felt like I had a shield of some sort protecting me from any negative energy. I could tell something was happening because of the intense heat I would feel in my torso. I have a spark now that people can’t quite put their finger on…I just smile and leave them to wonder, my spark, my inner light, my Reiki!!!

Nyisha, London

Having heard about Reiki but never experienced it, I took the plunge to setting about learning to be a Reiki practitioner. Gina at once put me at ease and offered me a Reiki session to experience it for myself as a receiver. I immediately signed up for a course after an intensely relaxing and uplifting session. The course itself was well organised and Gina took the time to answer all our questions. I would gladly recommend Gina, not only as a practitioner but also as a teacher.

Hanif, London

I met Gina over 4 years ago following an operation to my shoulder. It was causing much pain and disablement. After several session of healing my shoulder felt healed and I was able to return to my passion – Riding and working with horses. The healing opened my mind and my heart to wanting to learn Reiki and practise, giving to others what I had experienced and received. To date, I have offered healing to my friends, family and horses and never looked back. I have remained close to Gina and recently was invited to have a session of RTT. The Reiki was amazing; the RTT has given me new life and meaning. I was an alcoholic with no confidence. I am now alcohol free with a future goal which I am currently pursuing. Forever grateful to this beautiful lady for her time, compassion and gift. I am enough. I have light within.

Lorraine, Brighton

I would like to say a Big thank you to Gina for my Reiki training. The course was very well laid out and easy to follow. Gina is an excellent teacher with passion for Reiki. If you are thinking about attending the Reiki course, don’t hesitate, just sign up. I can’t wait for my next level class!
Izabela, London

Gina is a wonderfully caring and kind Reiki practitioner who has become both a friend and healer. I first met Gina when I was having a rough time after an illness, struggling with fatigue and low mood. The Reiki sessions themselves were incredibly therapeutic, calming and relaxing and I always left feeling very hopeful and positive for the future. An added bonus was that Gina would take the time to sit and talk before and after each session. Her kind and compassionate nature shone through and our chats really helped me understand what I was feeling and helped put things into perspective. Gina is a truly remarkable person and incredible healer. I would happily recommend her to everyone.
Thivya, London

I first experienced Reiki from Gina and it was such a calming experience that I decided to go back. It’s been more than a year and I haven’t stopped going back! Reiki has helped me to relax, rejuvenate and be at peace. Gina is a superb healer and she has taught me the importance of positive thinking. Along with the reiki healing, Gina also talks about making positive shifts in one’s thinking which enhances the effect of the session.
I would highly recommend taking Gina’s help to get rid of your obstacles and live a happier life.
Allmas, London