Reiki First Degree (Shoden) Training Course

The Reiki ‘First Degree’ course is equivalent to a two day training course as it consists of a home study pack and a practical training day. Before the course, you will spend approximately 9 hours working through a home study pack and then attend a 1 day practical training day where you will focus on practical energy work in the company of a few other students. This approach provides you with a complete training in the basic Reiki technique. I teach original Japanese Reiki and use energy exercises and meditations that come from the original Japanese method.

The Home Study Pack
The study pack consists of a compreshensive ‘Shoden’ Manuel and two audio cd’s which cover everything you will learn on the day of the course.

The first cd contains 70 minutes of commentary which summarises the main themes of your manuel:

– What is Reiki and where is comes from (History, background and development)
– What Usui taught and how we can follow the original system in the modern- world
– The Reiki ‘precepts’, mindfulness and the use of empowerments
– How to benefit from daily energy exercises and self-treatments
– How to use Reiki on other people

The second cd contains guided meditations:

– Hatsu Rei Ho (energy exercises)
– Self teatment meditation
– Distant healing session
– Symbol meditation

You will only need to use the first two meditations at first degree level. The other two meditations will be used later at second degree level, if you choose to go on.

Course Schedule
– General overview of the course
– ‘Reiju’ spiritual empowerment (first of three connections to Reiki)
– Learn to work with energy: simple exercises to feel your energy and that of other people
– ‘Reiju’ spiritual empowerment (second of three connections to Reiki)
– Energy exercises: learn the Japanese ‘Hatsu Rei Ho’ Technique
– ‘Reiju’ spiriutal empowerment (the last of the three connections to Reiki)
– Self-treatment: carry out a Japanese self-treatment ‘meditation’, and learn how self treatments are done Western-style


– ‘Treating other people’: demonstration and explanation
– Feeling the energy field: practice
– Scanning practice
– Treat another student: practice giving a full treatment
– Be treated by another student (now see what it feels like to receive Reiki)
– Final comments


At the end of the practical training day, you will receive a certificate which confirms that you have successfully completed and satisfied the requirements of the ‘First Degree’ of Reiki.

Course Dates
Venue: 7 Havelock Place, Harrow HA1 1LJ
Date: To be confirmed
Time: 10am-5pm

Course Fees
The fee of the First Degree course is £160. You pay a deposit of £50 in advance, and the balance is paid on the day of the course. I will send course materials as soon as I receive your deposit.

General Information
– There will be a break for lunch (approx 45 mins). You can either bring a packed lunch or buy something from the nearby shops and cafes. I will provide water and hot drinks.
– You will be lying on a treatment table, when you practice, so wear something comfortable.
– Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment – there will be no more than six students on any Reiki ‘First Degree’ course.

If you would like to book a place on the course or have any other questions regarding the course please feel free to contact me – Gina 0777 136 5504