My journey to Reiki began when I experienced a relationship breakdown with my partner and at the same time felt that I was being drained by family members. I felt like I was always the one giving, never receiving no matter how low I was. I got to the point where I felt something needed to be done or happen. I felt trapped and drained, no matter how much talking with friend or anyone that would listen I did. I was restricted and suffocated, this feeling made me turn to a clairvoyant recommended by my aunt. I was not comfortable with my reading. I searched the internet and found a psychic medium. She gave me a reading of my energy field but I still felt like I was at a crossroads not knowing which way to go. Should I go left, right or straight ahead? I just could not move. I was given a card for a Reiki treatment, I researched what Reiki was and decided I should give it a try. I was desperate to feel free. I received 3 Reiki treatments with Gina and felt the release of negative energy within weeks. I began to feel free and bubbly. Work colleagues, family and friends would say ‘you seem different, have you had something done’. Every day I could see people’s face expressions recognising the difference. Personally, I felt like I had a shield of some sort protecting me from any negative energy. I could tell something was happening because of the intense heat I would feel in my torso. I have a spark now that people can’t quite put their finger on…I just smile and leave them to wonder, my spark, my inner light, my Reiki!!!

Nyisha, London

Having heard about Reiki but never experienced it, I took the plunge to setting about learning to be a Reiki practitioner. Gina at once put me at ease and offered me a Reiki session to experience it for myself as a receiver. I immediately signed up for a course after an intensely relaxing and uplifting session. The course itself was well organised and Gina took the time to answer all our questions. I would gladly recommend Gina, not only as a practitioner but also as a teacher.

Hanif, London

I met Gina over 4 years ago following an operation to my shoulder. It was causing much pain and disablement. After several session of healing my shoulder felt healed and I was able to return to my passion – Riding and working with horses. The healing opened my mind and my heart to wanting to learn Reiki and practise, giving to others what I had experienced and received. To date, I have offered healing to my friends, family and horses and never looked back. I have remained close to Gina and recently was invited to have a session of R.T.T. The Reiki was amazing; the R.T.T has given me new life and meaning. I was an alcoholic with no confidence. I am now alcohol free with a future goal which I am currently pursuing. Forever grateful to this beautiful lady for her time, compassion and gift. I am enough. I have light within

Lorraine, London

I would like to say a Big thank you to Gina for my Reiki training. The course was very well laid out and easy to follow. Gina is an excellent teacher with passion for Reiki. If you are thinking about attending the Reiki course, don’t hesitate, just sign up. I can’t wait for my next level class!

Izabela, London

Gina is a wonderfully caring and kind Reiki practitioner who has become both a friend and healer. I first met Gina when I was having a rough time after an illness, struggling with fatigue and low mood. The Reiki sessions themselves were incredibly therapeutic, calming and relaxing and I always left feeling very hopeful and positive for the future. An added bonus was that Gina would take the time to sit and talk before and after each session. Her kind and compassionate nature shone through and our chats really helped me understand what I was feeling and helped put things into perspective. Gina is a truly remarkable person and incredible healer. I would happily recommend her to everyone.

Thivya, London